Tokyo Disney Resort is a popular date spot among Japanese people, and also serves as the setting for a fair number of wedding proposals. But getting down on one knee in front of a huge crowd of people is not without its disadvantages. When one plucky young man proposed to his girlfriend in front of the Cinderella Castle in Tokyo Disneyland last week, he set off a chain of events that looks to have ended with a little less magic and sparkle than he anticipated.

While many people were delighted to see the romantic scene unfold, other visitors took to Twitter to grumble about the inconvenience the man had caused by proposing in such a busy place, delaying the scheduled parade. And now, the guy’s ex-girlfriend has waded into the debate too.

Ryoya Onodera, a friend of the couple who helped out with the proposal set-up, tweeted: “Mission complete! Thanks to everyone who helped! I hope everyone can feel the happiness. Congratulations on your engagement, guys!”


▼ The assembled crowd of onlookers cheers wildly as the guy proposes, and the girl accepts!

Most people were delighted at what seemed to be a “happy-ever-after” fairytale ending. “A successful Disney proposal!” wrote one Twitterer. “I wish them happiness together!” But then, after the fact, out came the naysayers:

“Because of that guy, no one else could take their picture in front of the castle.”
“They held up the parade!”

“I feel sorry for the cast members who couldn’t get the parade ready on time because of him.”
“It’s dangerous to cause such a crowd of people to gather like that.”

The story was so big on social media, gaining thousands of retweets, that it reached a recent ex-girlfriend of the guy, who tweeted angrily:

“So one minute you’re asking me to get back with you and the next you’re proposing [to another girl] at Disneyland? You’re getting married?!
And it’s all over the internet!? You’re, like, famous now?
This is hilarious. Lol lol!”

This other girl’s claims that Proposal Guy was trying to woo her until a few months ago has rather thrown cold water on the Twitter love-in that was surrounding the Disney proposal.

▼ “Looks like the Disney Proposal guy was trying to get back with his ex until recently…and he got found out because it was all over Twitter. SNS is scary, eh!

We’re not quite sure what the moral of the story is here (don’t propose at Disneyland because you’ll be cursed?) but we hope it does have a happy ending!

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