2015.02.21 SF cosplay 13

Who doesn’t get all nostalgic remembering the afternoons (that turned into late nights) spent playing Street Fighter II at home until your thumbs hurt? Recently we came across a fantastic group of cosplayers that almost made us forget that 1994 Jean-Claude Van Damme vehicle and remember what made Street Fighter such a great game with so many iconic characters, such as Chun-Li, Guile and Vega.

Click below to see 15 of the best Street Fighter cosplayers out there as well as some very creative gender-swaps from the classic video game!

These cosplayers are among some of the dedicated we’ve seen (and that also care a little more about detail) and their hard work is unmistakable as they breathe life into these Street Fighter legends. Take a look at these 15 cosplayers below and maybe put on some classic video game music to heighten the experience.

1. First up is a very spooky Dhalsim as photographed by Paolo Marco Manalc

2015.02.21 SF cosplay 4Image: Deviant Art (big-pao)

2. Next is Japanese schoolgirl Sakura Kasugano played by cosplayer Sarah Fong

2015.02.21 SF cosplay 5Image: Facebook (Sarah Fong)

3. Miss Gidget shows us Chun-Li’s other costume from Street Fighter IV

2015.02.21 SF cosplay 2Image: Facebook (Miss Gidget)

4. Sagat gets a little gender-bent and a very threatening makeover from Miss Sinister

2015.02.21 SF cosplay 6Image: Facebook (Miss Sinister Cosplay)

5. A Spanish cosplayer known as Ivy gets creative and mashes up the terrifying M. Bison with Cammy White

2015.02.21 SF cosplay 1Image: Facebook (Ivy Cosplay)

6. A pretty flawless Vega/Balrog captures our hearts and reminds us to do some ab crunches

2015.02.21 SF cosplay 9Image: Deviant Art (adambomb7)

7. While Nadya Sonika plays a gender-swapped Vega that sweeps us off our feet

2015.02.21 SF cosplay 10Image: Nadya Sonika

8. This cosplayer from the Dominican Republic shows off an impressive Ibuki

2015.02.21 SF cosplay 12Image: Facebook (Caroline Angulo Cosplay)

9. Miss Gidget teams up with another cosplayer to recreate Chun-Li throwing Ryu a mean kikoken projectile

2015.02.21 SF cosplay 13Image: Facebook (Miss Gidget)

10. And here’s Italian cosplay enthusiast Leon Chiro as Fei Long

2015.02.21 SF cosplay 11Image: Deviant Art (LeonChiroCosplayArt)

11. We wouldn’t mess with the Ikuy’s very leggy Cammy White

2015.02.21 SF cosplay 15Image: Facebook (Ikuy Cosplay)

12. We could swear this Brazilian cosplayer is the spitting image of American military man Guile

2015.02.21 SF cosplay 14Image: Deviant Art (Joe-Zuko)

13. Crimson Viper as portrayed by Kitsune Kid

2015.02.21 SF cosplay 3Image: Facebook (Kitsune Kid)

14. The cosplayer known as Nethicite shows off Poison in all of her 1980s glam

2015.02.21 SF cosplay 8Image: Facebook (Nethicite Cosplay)

15. Juri Han, Street Fighter’s first Korean character, is brought to life by Artemis Effects

2015.02.21 SF cosplay 7Image: Facebook (Artemis Effects)

“Impressive” doesn’t even come close.

Source: games.com h/t Kotaku