Have you ever been in that situation when you simultaneously need a motorcycle and a musical instrument at the same time? It sucks, right? But there is one company out there that could help you in the sticky situation: the Yamaha Corporation, which specializes in both audio and visual goods, as well as engines.

Design is important to this Japanese company, so this year, they are making their second appearance at the French design event, “Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne 2015,” and they are bringing their A-game. The company is changing up their strategy to create designs that are cool, classy and innovative.

The 9th edition of this event will be the Yamaha Corporations second appearance, however, it will be their first appearance teaming up with Yamaha Motor Co. They are calling it “project AH A MAY” (that’s “Yamaha” backwards, in case you hadn’t noticed), a suitable name, as they are going out of the box and mixing things up, yet sticking to the essence of Yamaha. 

The design team is a mix of creative minds from both the musical instrument and motor arms of the company. They are collaborating and pushing each other’s creativity to produce innovative and original designs. According to their website, “The goal of this project is for the designers to stimulate each other’s imaginations and seek to create products that embody their shared image of ‘Yamaha’.”

What might that look like? Well…

√ (root)・[Motorcycle]


The idea behind this motorcycle is uniting man, nature and vehicles. The dashboard features were removed from the direct line of sight, so that the rider can more easily take in the scenery. The design was inspired by the fluidity of a horse (we don’t really see that, but hey, that’s why we’re not designers, right?). Designed by the Yamaha design research team.

0±0 (zero plus minus zero)・[Motorized bicycle] 


This electric bike is very simple, yet quite elegant for a piece of machinery. You can charge up the battery by peddling while the bike is in the stand. It is both an eco-friendly design and supports a healthy lifestyle. Designed by Yamaha design research team.

Raijin (God of Thunder) ・[Drum set]


We can’t even begin to describe how badly we want to see someone playing this drum set. The idea is that when someone sits down to play, you’ll be hit by a storm of rumbling thunder-beats. The globular design will help the player imagine his music reaching all parts of the world. Designed by Yamaha engine design team.

Fujin (God of Wind)・[Marimba]


Again, how cool would it be to see someone playing this?! Actually, it’s a two-seater, if you will, using a motorcycle seat made for two people as the stool in the middle. So, let’s rephrase that as, “How cool would it be to see a couple of people playing this?” A beautifully designed instrument, created by Yamaha engine design team.

Hopefully, there will be some demonstrations of the God of Thunder and God of Wind instruments at the design event in France (February 22- March 22) and we’ll get to see them in action!

Aside from this event, Yamaha has been getting really into design lately, even hosting a graphic design competition called, “Graphic Design Award by Yamaha,” of which the 2015 winners were recently awarded their prizes, beating out over a thousand entries.

▼ The winning design by Laurie Concannon.


Keep an eye out for Yamaha in the coming years, because it seems as though they are going to be creating some very cool products. Maybe we’ll even see music-making motorcycles in the future!

Source: Kai-You, Yamaha Motor, Yamaha Japan
Images: YamahaGraphic Design Award by Yamaha