If, like me, you just can’t get enough cats in your life, then you’ll probably remember how last month we introduced you to this Japanese workplace that’s filled with cats! The Tokyo-based IT company which owns nine adorable rescue cats (which are free to play and snooze around the office as they please) has since been posting regular kitty updates to their dedicated Twitter account, so we thought it was about time we updated you!

Join us after the jump for brand-new pics of what has to be the world’s most purrfect work environment!

The V and Ume Twitter account (named after two of the resident kitties) features regular photos of the kitties just relaxing and chilling out at the office while the humans work. The company also regularly tweets the details of other animals in need of adoption across Japan, as well as promoting adoption and animal welfare in general, so it’s well worth following them if you’re an animal lover.

Let’s see what the resident moggies have been up to this past month!

▼ Stealing chair space so the humans can’t work (classic cat trick!)

▲ “Um, I need to work now, so could you please move?”

▼ Lazing and snoozing while the humans work

▲ “My my, you look awfully busy today.”

▼ Eating delicious tuna supplied by the humans

▼ Synchronised staring at the humans until they supply food

▲ “Isn’t it lunchtime yet?”

▼ Getting cuddles

▼ Snuggling together all nice and cosy

▼ Sleeping flat on their faces (it’s hard work being an office cat!)

Greeting important guests and potential customers

▲ “Welcome service for a new recruit!”

Enjoying pizza during a welcome lunch for new employees

Being caught snuggling by the purr-parazzi (aka the staff who maintain the Twitter account)

▼ Massaging each other to alleviate the daily stress and strain of office life

Making sure the humans’ backs and shoulders stay toasty warm

▼ Helping out with all the important filing and paperwork

▼ Plotting to siphon off the milk from the new espresso machine

Sitting in on important meetings

Providing encouragement to the team

▲ “Let’s do our best again today!”

Helping out with the photocopying (black and white copies only, of course)

… and basically just keeping the humans company while they work!

It’s a wonder anyone ever gets any work done, with so many adorable kitties to play with!

Source: Hamusoku
Main Image: Screenshot via Twitter