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We’ve talked before about how to outsmart your cat and get it to sit wherever you want just by marking your floor with duct tape, cords, or even scarves. But enclosed spaces, whether real or implied, aren’t the only thing cats are attracted to. As experts in relaxing, they’re always on the lookout for a ray of warming sunshine, and will abandon their ordinarily contrary nature to follow its path like the hand of clock, as shown in this adorable time-lapse video that will have you ready for a catnap of your own.

YouTube user Mitsuru Yasui created a time-lapse video of the Yasui family cats. During its runtime several animals wander in and out of frame, but the kitties seem to total eight in number.

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With so many felines, you’d think they’d be all over the house, and that may very well be the case much of the time. For as long as the video lasts, though, they’re almost all gathered in one place, and the reason why isn’t because they’re waiting for their turn at a canned cat food-shaped scratching station.

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No, the reason these furry little guys are all lined up is that they’re all here to hang out in the same sunbeam. And as cute as they look in still shots, they’re even more heart-meltingly cute in motion.

As the sun continues its arc through the sky relative to the window, so too does the ray of light swing from one side of the room to the other. Of course, in real life this is all happening much more slowly than it appears to in the video, which mean’s Yasui’s cats can still enjoy lounging leisurely in the sunshine as long as they don’t mind periodically scooching over just a bit.

▼ The guy furthest on the left, currently warming his posterior, is planning ahead by positioning himself not where the sunbeam is right now, but where it’s going to be soon.

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The video is set to a relaxing piece of piano music, and the overall effect is sure to put a smile on your face right up until you let out a comfortable yawn as you imagine yourself laying down for a nap, too.

Source: Kotaro Blog
Images: YouTube