In this day and age, we are all very aware of how deceiving photos can be. In China, the power of Photoshop cannot be undermined as both women and men go to extreme measures to give themselves “cosmetic surgery” on their mobile phones. In fact, sometimes the pictures are so Photoshopped, they look nothing like the real deal. This rampant Photoshop phenomenon has led to this hilarious parody mocking throngs of Chinese girls who spend most of their time editing their own faces.

Using clips from a period drama, the video dubs them over with new lines involving the characters fighting over Photoshop in ancient China. For example, here two bourgeois court ladies are fighting over how with the increasing use of Photoshop (commonly referred to as PS in China), plastic surgery should no longer be relevant.


In the meantime, the emperor’s mistress discusses her manipulated likeness with a chambermaid, who teases her about her drastically altered appearances in the Photoshopped scroll she’s holding.


The older woman, however, comes to her own wise conclusion that in the past, people used to say, “There are no ugly women, only lazy women.” but that should now be updated to:


Here’s the scene in motion. Enjoy!

Certainly Photoshop has taken the Chinese internet by storm. The video leaves us with a rather colorful quote full of cultural stereotypes:

“Korea has cosmetic surgery, Thailand has sex change, our great dynasty has Photoshop!”

Source/Images: Shanghaiist