Anyone who’s addicted to the constant stimuli provided by tablets and smartphones (read: most of us) will definitely agree that sometimes it’s just too much effort to hold the darn things in front of our faces while mindlessly scrolling. Especially during bathtime, when slippery hands become a serious hazard, or when you’re just lounging around in bed, our wonder gizmos can be a pain to hold onto.

Luckily, this young man has come up with a genius method of hands-free phone-gazing. All you’ll need is a glass-topped table, a smartphone or tablet device, and the willingness to overlook one teensy flaw

The above picture of a kid enjoying a hands-free smartphone experience through the innovative repurposing of a glass IKEA coffee table was posted on Reddit, under the title “This kid is going places”. It wasn’t long, however, until the nay-sayers popped up (as they are wont to) to point out that this seemingly-genius method is in fact pretty useless. Smartphones are pretty much made for scrolling, hence that touchscreen, but with that pane of glass in the way, it’s impossible to actually operate the darn thing.

“Yes, this kid is going places… not college, but places,” remarked one witty commenter. Others pointed out that the boy’s breath would surely fog up the surface of the glass over time, and several even expressed concern for his ocular health. (Who said Redditors weren’t kind?)

Still, it’s a pretty handy method if you’re doing something passive like watching a movie or something and don’t need access to the screen too often.

▼ And hey, it’s gotta be safer than this…

But surely we don’t have to expose our delicate skulls to plates of glass or precariously-balanced appliances just to get some relaxing screen time. There has to be a better way! If only there were some more cost-effective solutions out there that don’t involve coughing up a big wad of cash

▼ We’re wondering if the internet “hover cats” phenomenon is what inspired the young man’s lazy phone hack?

Flickr © Timmy Denike

Source: Reddit via Labaq
Images: Reddit via Labaq