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Last month, we took a look at a pair of couple rings inspired by hit anime Evangelion’s Shinji and Kaworu, adding more fuel to the fire of speculation that the two mecha pilots’ relationship is more than just devoted friendship. But if you’re really onboard with the idea of the vaguely unofficial pairing of the two characters, you’ll want to show your support with more than just a ring, which is why now you can also slip into Shinji/Kaworu-themed dresses and skirts.

Anime and video game-based clothing retailer Super Groupies seems to be going through its blue phase, judging from the hues of its recently announced Mega Man shoes and the two new Evangelion items.

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As with the Shinji/Kaworu rings, this sleeveless one-piece takes its inspiration from the most recent Eva theatrical feature, Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo, in which the two boys must pilot a giant, four-armed robot in tandem. Since the mecha’s designation is Evangelion Unit 13, the corresponding Roman numeral serves as the polyester fabric’s decoritive pattern.

That’s not the only nod to the movie’s plotline, either. As Shinji and Kaworu’s bond grows, the two play a four-handed piano duet together. The hem of the dress features the musical notes for Quatre Mains, the piece the pair plays.

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On the other hand, if you’ve already picked out a blouse to wear, you can still add a dash of Eva to your outfit with this skirt.

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Much like Shinji’s flip-flopping resolve, the polyester skirt is reversible, with a two-toned look meant to be evocative of the shades of Shinji’s and Kaworu’s plug suits.

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Ordinarily, the skirt features dozens of silhouettes of Evangelion Unit 13. When reversed, the anime tie-in is far more subtle, although other fans will recognize the Radio Eva label denoting the franchise’s apparel marketing arm.

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Preorders have already begun for the 15,800-yen (US $134) dress and 9,800-yen skirt, and you can place yours here and here, respectively. Delivery is scheduled for late April, conveniently about the time the weather should start warming up enough to step out for the day bare-legged.

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