Sometimes the Internet can be such an immense collection of humorous netizens that we are unable to take our eyes off it. In this endless battle of the wits, we came across a selection of some of the best from the Japanese Twitterverse. Check out these sharp but hilarious jabs at what would otherwise be mundane daily life, and let it brighten up your day!

This shop offers to “take care of your father” while you shop. If you’re tired of your old man hovering around with an extremely bored face while on a shopping trip, this service might actually be helpful. Although as long as my dad has Wi-Fi and his phone, he can generally occupy himself for most of the day.


A seafood stall from a wet market in Sendai has decided to join in the Valentine sale frenzy with this special “sweet” fish roe arranged in the shape of a heart. For some reason it feels rather grotesque, but we applaud the effort!

▲ “I went to watch the trailer for the Moomin movie that’s coming up this weekend. Moomin tells his girlfriend Floren, who is wearing a bikini, ‘You can’t dress like that! It’s like you aren’t wearing anything.’ But Moomin…you’re the one who’s naked.”

This snack is called “Like Octopus”. On the back, it says that the main ingredient is squid. Well, that makes sense…lol


Next is a clever word play as “Sato no Gohan” also means “meal or rice made from sugar” in Japanese. A meal full of candy must be a child’s dream come true!

▲ “In high school, there were six people named Sato in my class. By some miracle, all six Sato(s) were put into Group 5 for cleaning the classroom, and became “Sato no Gohan” (Sato’s 5th Group). There hasn’t been anything this exciting since then.”

This ad for the delicious chocolate-coated cookie bar Black Thunder brought a smile to many passers-by’s faces. The catchphrase says, “The moment you see it, you know it’s not romantic.” If you get a Black Thunder from your crush on Valentine’s Day, chances are, you’ve been friendzoned…

While we’re busy celebrating the 20th anniversary of our favorite magical girl franchise Sailor Moon, someone just has to jump in a remind use that since Sailor Moon herself was 14 years old at the start of the series, she must be 34 years old now. Somehow the prospect of watching a 34-year-old lady prancing around punishing people on behalf of the moon puts Sailor Moon Crystal in a whole different light.

This genius/weirdo uploaded a comparison chart of the taste tests of various brands of tissue paper, ranked by their sweetness, bitterness and texture. Thank you for the excellent advice!


▲ “Please check out this chart if you like eating tissue, or plan to start eating it in the future!”

Usually the adorable and sassy characters of Sazae-san, one of Japan’s most popular anime series, are friendly and cute. However, this Twitter user captured a rather disturbing scene:

▲ “Even though Namihei-san has been destroyed, Sazae-san and Masuo-san are just laughing at him. This is too surreal.”


▲ My son wanted to talk to me even though he didn’t really have anything to talk about, so he said to me, “Mommy…let’s grab some flyers and compare prices later ok?…” and I was like, “Ok…”

Aww, what an adorable kid!


▲ “I went to the Trick Art museum, and at the entrance, there was a 1000-yen note. After trying to pick it up, I realized that it was a drawing and I had already been tricked even before entering the museum. That was the biggest embarrassment of my life.”

Finally, this Twitter user cleverly used his cat, who happened to have stayed motionless in front of his screen, to make this captioned picture:

▲ “If you want me to move from this spot, give me my snacks!”

We hope this collection of tweets made your day a little more cheerful. Now it’s your turn to start looking for the little funny things in your life!

Source: Curazy
Image: rinrinll