Particularly in the past century mankind has achieved some great feats propelling our entire world into new realms of possibility and prosperity. We’ve built ever more gigantic structures for living while also condensing elaborate technology to unbelievable compactness. We’ve cured diseases and gone exploring beyond the heavens.

But now, we’ve really done it. We’ve made a wearable robot that feeds you tomatoes while you run.

Tomatan was the brainchild of 38-year-old Shigenori Suzuki who works for Kagome, a major producer of fruit and vegetable juices. Kagome tells us that tomatoes are highly effective at enhancing sports performance and longevity…and they should know because it’s their job to sell us lots of tomato juice.

As a runner himself Suzuki knew this all too well, but tomatoes had inherent flaws for runners. They were fragile and gooey which made storage and eating very challenging on the move. While out studying other pedestrians it dawned on him what needed to be done.

Looking at those pictures we can easily see the conclusion he came to: some sort of cybernetic attachment that would allow us to carry and eat tomatoes while walking. This was a little outside the wheelhouse of Kagome though so he reached out to none other than Maywa Denki.

Maywa Denki is an invention studio responsible for numerous toys and musical instruments such as their signature Otamatone.

And so Suzuki and Mawya Denki’s president Novmichi Tosa worked tirelessly to craft a wearable robot which would allow people to eat tomatoes while running. The pressure was on too, as Kagome announced that their invention would be revealed in time for the Tokyo Marathon on 22 February.

Through numerous testing and retesting cycles the pair had determined the ideal form of tomato delivery was through a small humanoid tomato boy riding on the runner’s shoulders. Thus, Tomatan was forged.

Tomatan is made of state-of-the-art things and cutting-edge stuff which allows its 360 degree-rotating arms to distribute tomatoes to a runner’s mouth whenever they are in need of the fruits’ mushy nutrients.

Although Tomatan was the best solution, it’s not without its drawbacks. Obviously the weight of a small robot tomato boy poses problems for long-distance runners. Kagome and Maywa Denki are working on this issue though and hope to release Petit-Tomatan in the foreseeable future.

And oh what a bright future it is! With the age-old dilemma of how to gain the benefits of tomatoes while running licked, we can focus on solving the less pressing problems of war and hunger…perhaps with some kind of “hunger games?” I don’t know what those would entail, but they sure sound fun!

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