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Pets are an extremely important part of our lives as they provide us with companionship that can’t be compared. People will try to do pretty much everything with their pets: walk, talk, bathe, cook (not like that!), the list just goes on and on! If you’ve never seen a pet cooking then let us remind you of YouTube veteran Francis, who hosts the cooking show “Cooking with Dog”.

Perhaps this show has inspired this kitten to start up her own cooking venture. They might want to work out a few tiny details first, but for now let’s introduce Meow, the cooking kitten sensation!

You might think that a cooking show hosted by a dog would be a giant comedy of errors, but “Cooking with Dog” has been entertaining us on YouTube for eight years now. Its friendly host and narrator is a dog named Francis. His companion, Chef, dutifully follows Francis’ instructions and does all the cooking.

A Japanese Twitter user might be having YouTube stardom thoughts of her own, when her little kitten, Meow, became extremely interested in a cooking show on TV.

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The size of the cat and the images on the TV fit perfectly with each other as it appears the furry little kitten is being tossed around the wok. It gets even better when the cat tries to catch the food in the pan. It’s the action packed cat cooking show! Now, that’s a channel we’d subscribe to!

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We are apparently not alone, as tweets and comments rolled in from all over the Internet.

“The cat is so desperate. LOL”
“Sooooo cute!”
“Cat cooking, LOL”
“First time in my life I’ve thought a big TV is good!”
“Too cute, I want to eat her up!”

Thankfully, no cats were harmed in the making of these tweets and @neko_and_wannko is now sitting on a YouTube channel gold mine. May we suggest “Kitten Kitchen” with the first recipe being “pawsta salad”?

Source: Twitter (@neko_and_wannko) via Hamsoku 
Images: Twitter (@neko_and_wanko)