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Making movie posters is tough. You not only have to catch the eye of people passing by, but also get them excited and inform them on what the movie is about, all at the same time. When a poster is done well, it can be just as memorable as the movie itself. And when it’s done badly, well, it can be memorable in a different kind of way.

Artist Olly Moss however, whom we’ve met before with his amazing video game-inspired ceramic plates, is a master of the poster medium. He’s recently been picked up by Japanese websites for creating new posters of classic movies, including Studio Ghibli films. Get ready: your nostalgia meter is about to be cranked up to 10, and you’re going to go hunting through your old DVDs very soon.

Enough chit-chat; let’s take a look at these works of art!

▼ First up is Spirited Away. The lighting is fantastic here, and the subtle inclusion of No-Face adds another layer of mystery.




▼ Next is Howl’s Moving Castle. I love how the sheer enormity of the castle is shown through the tiny people underneath it, as if it’s going to crush them at any second.



▼ And then My Neighbor Totoro. This one combines the giant scale of the Howl poster with the intrigue of the Spirited Away one. It makes you want to watch the movie just to find out what the heck is going on.



▼ And the last of the Ghibli posters is for Princess Mononoke, which is sadly no longer up on Olly’s site, but can still be found lurking around the internet.

If you’re drooling over these posters as much as I am, then chances are you want to know where you can get them to hang in your new shrine to Ghibli. Unfortunately, I have some bad news: no posters are currently for sale in Olly Moss’s online store, and he has a strict no-reprint policy on limited edition items (such as the Spirited Away and Howl posters that were created exclusively for San Diego Comic Con).

But there is hope! Apparently Olly’s work sometimes pops up on eBay, and he tweets about it when it does, so be sure to follow him if you’re interested in snapping up one of these gems. In the meantime, here are a few more posters he did for non-Japanese films:

▼ Olly has a talent for combining two images into one, like here where Mowgli and Kaa elegantly transform into Shere Khan’s stripes.


▼This Infected figure from acclaimed video game The Last of Us is so creepily beautiful that we almost don’t care about our own imminent infection.


▼ The use of color for contrast; the flag as steps; the crooked shadow; oh god the symbolism is just dripping right off this thing!


▼ And of course the (official!) three-piece set for the original Star Wars trilogy.




So what are some of your favorite (or least favorite) movie posters of all time? We won’t blame you at all if you pick another one of Olly’s, but either way be sure to link to it so we can be just as moved (or horrified) as you were.

Source: Olly Moss website via Artist Database
Featured/insert images: Olly Moss website