Those of us without 20/20 vision suffer from a catch-22 that can be extremely aggravating: If you can’t find your glasses, you can’t see, but if you can’t see, you can’t find your glasses. How many collective hours have we all spent searching for those pesky frames? Damn you, ocular deficiencies!

But our days of squinting to see and blindly feeling around to find our glasses are over, my friends! We all have Japanese Twitter user @zzzdecozzz to thank for this incredibly simple, yet genius idea: Use your smartphone’s camera as a magnifying glass.

We should probably all be facepalming and asking ourselves why no one has thought of this yet! If there is any item that we use more than our glasses, it would be our smart phones, and if those get lost, at least they make noise.

▼ Deco would have taken a real picture, but how do you take a photo on your phone if your phone’s in the picture…?

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Sure, this is no cure for visual impairments, and it won’t be as handy for those who are so near-sighted that they can’t even see the screen of their phone, but for the vast majority of us, it’s a golden trick for when we find ourselves glasses-less, but still need to see something.

Seriously, take your glasses off right now and try reading this, or the clock, or something that you can’t see clearly, then use your smart phone to look at it. Impressed? We were! In fact, this whole article was written using a smartphone-magnifying glass instead of glasses! (Okay, not the whole article, but that last sentence definitely was). Be sure to spread the word of this great idea to all of your spectacled buddies!

Source/Image : Twitter (@zzzdecozzz) via Togech