As a girl who has been playing video games almost since birth, it’s sometimes annoying to be pigeon-holed along with other girls who have no interest in or understanding of video games. As just another medium of entertainment – and one with vast scope for artistic expression at that – I’ve never quite understood people who claim that they “don’t get” games. That’s like saying that you don’t “get” movies, books, or music; there’s bound to be some genre out there for you! Still, it’s probably fair to say that more guys play video games than girls, and there are a lot of girls out there who really don’t like it when their boyfriends pay more attention to their games than to them.

Today we’d like to bring you the comic tragedy of a ridiculous couple in Japan whose relationship ended up in the toilet, all over something as simple as a mobile game…

It all started with the mobile game Puzzle & Dragons, aka Pazudora. Apparently, the jealous girlfriend of this story just couldn’t handle her boyfriend paying so much attention to something other than her when in her company, so while he was in the bathroom, she DELETED the app from his phone. But let’s not judge her before we’ve heard her account of the story, okay?

▼ Pazudora. It looks pretty addicting to us!

Here’s Jealous Girlfriend’s account of what happened, as posted on an online forum in Japan:

My boyfriend’s addicted to Pazudora, and he doesn’t even LIKE video games!

So, my boyfriend’s never been interested in games, but then a coworker convinced him to start playing. He’s mean with money, so I never expected he would spend money on micro-transactions or anything. He also gets bored with things easily, so I thought he would get sick of Pazudora straight away, too.

HOWEVER, one day we were out and he said “Get me this capsule toy”. So I got him the capsule toy, and it was like this yellow egg, and inside, was “Metatron”.

▼ Metatron, the sexy female character from “Pazudora”. Okay, we’re starting to see her problem. It’s insecurity. *eyeroll*

My boyfriend was like, “Oh, she’s a super strong monster” and seemed really happy with it. And so of course I was happy that he was happy…  at the time I had no idea that Metatron would be the cause of our breakup…

So, one day, I deleted the game.

My boyfriend had started totally neglecting me, so a madness overtook me and my finger just slipped. He got up and went to the bathroom, and I took the opportunity to quickly uninstall Pazudora.

Uninstalling the app was surprisingly simple. It took less than 10 seconds. 

When my boyfriend returned, I said, “Ta-da! Pazudora has been erased!” and his response was, “What? Why did you do that? I don’t get you at all! We’re finished!” Just like that, my boyfriend left my life, right before my eyes.

Did the time we spent together mean less to him than Pazudora? What was more important – the 500 hours he’d racked up playing Pazudora, or the entire  year we spent together?!

500 hours! Gone in 10 seconds! Ouch! Here’s what the online community had to say about this silly, silly story:

“Who needs a girlfriend who goes through a guy’s phone and starts deleting apps?!”

“Why would she say ‘Ta-da’, at that moment, though? That’s what I can’t understand…”

“I can’t understand how you could justify deleting things off someone else’s phone. She doesn’t even seem to feel guilty about it.”

“If he’d stayed with her after that, her behaviour would just get more and more annoying with time. He made the right call.”

“We don’t know how much money he sank into the game. Maybe it was out of concern for his finances?”

“A guy messes with a girl’s phone: ‘How dare you?!’ A girl messes with a guy’s phone: ‘What are you getting so upset for?’ Double standards.”

“It sounds like it took him about as long to break up with her as it took her to delete his app: 10 seconds. Ha!”

“Don’t blame Metatron…”

What do you think of this story, Rocketeers? Was the girlfriend justified in doing what she did? How would you react if your significant other messed around with your phone? Let us know your thoughts!

Source: Hamusoku
Main Image: Flickr © Corey Balazowich