Pretty kitty says “Good morning” in Japanese, not just a doting owner’s imagination!

You’d be forgiven for thinking, “Not another ‘talking pet’ video!” YouTube is positively overflowing with them, after all, despite the fact that most of the time it’s only the owners who are able to decipher what their pets are supposedly “saying” before the camera.

Many netizens agree, however, that YouTuber luckersingo’s gorgeous cat Māya is actually meowing out the three-syllable Japanese greeting for good morning, “Ohayō!” Don’t believe us? Watch this talkative kitty in action and decide for yourself!

Though the video was first uploaded a few years ago, it has been drawing the attention of YouTubers once again this week thanks to Māya’s remarkable skills. Cats produce plenty of interesting sounds (although, interestingly, only to communicate with us humans once they reach adulthood) but nothing quite like this; could Māya really be imitating her owner’s voice?

Watch as luckersingo tries to get her kitty to say “ohayō.” In her first three attempts, believers can probably make out the syllables before she resumes more regular cat-like sounds, and I personally love the questioning mew around 0:10.

▼ The greeting around 0:52 may be the most convincing; when I close my eyes it almost sounds as if a baby Stitch or Theodore (you know, the Chipmunk) were talking!

Like me, some of you may be thinking, “Just give her the breakfast already!” or whatever it is that’s holding Māya’s attention, but you have to admit that her voice is certainly adorable. Comments from Japanese viewers included:

“Haha, the cat is like, ‘Again?!’ Don’t make her try to talk so much!”

“Yeah! She said it once, that’s good enough.”

“Too cute! I want her.”

“It actually sounds like ohayo…”

“I thought, ‘Oh, not another one,’ but this is surprisingly good!”

We’ll leave you with another video from luckersingo in which she asks Māya whether she wants some food. Apparently the kitty utters around 0:11, “Wakannai-na” (I don’t know) but… Wakannai-na. Maybe this time the owner is putting words in her mouth?

Sources: The Huffington Post Japan
Image: YouTube
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