As we recently reported, the bigwigs at the Kyoto Municipal Transportation Bureau got together a while back and had a little brainstorming session regarding how to convince more people to use the subway. So what did they come up with?

Super-kawaii moe anime girls plastered all over the place! All part of the “Let’s ride the subway” advertising campaign, which hopes to bring in an extra 50,000 passengers a day. So how are people reacting to the sudden plethora of brightly colored cuteness all over their train platforms and carriages?

Promotional characters Moe Uzumasa (brown hair), Saki Matsuga (short, blonde hair) and Misa Ono (black hair, glasses) have completely taken over the Kyoto subway system, and you can now see their adorable faces plastered all over station walls, billboards, posters, and even special subway tickets! Let’s check out some pics!

▲ “Moe, Saki and Misa at Kyoto Shiyakushomae station. They’re all cute, but Moe is the most “high-school”, and Saki looks mischievous.”

▲ “When did this happen? Look what’s happened to Kyoto’s subway!”

▲ “The Kyoto subway anime commercial playing on a screen at Shijo Station. It gives the subway kind of a different, fresh feel. Check it out if you come to Kyoto.”

▲ “Kyoto’s subway girls are so cute. I wish we had this in Osaka.”

▲ “Misa Ono, the “meganekko” (cute girl in glasses) who’s been catching my attention all over Kyoto’s subway.”

▲ “Misa Ono is my wife. Whatcha gonna do ’bout it?”

▲ “The second ‘Let’s Ride the Subway’ poster has arrived. This time, they’re at Nijo Castle. If you buy an all-day subway pass from November 10 and visit Nijo Castle on the same day, you’ll get this poster free. Check out Saki and Misa linking arms.”

▲ “My Kyoto city bus pass featuring Moe Uzumasa from the “Let’s Ride the Subway” campaign.”

▲ “Kyoto’s travel cards, so very cute. Well done Kyoto.”

▲ “I’m the kind of Kyoto otaku who buys multiple prepaid travel cards.”

▲ “Kyoto subway all-day pass! 600 yen (US$ 5)! So cute. I love the girls from this campaign. The black-haired one with the twin tails plays guitar, and she’s called Misa Ono.”

▲ “I have 13 prepaid cards in my wallet now, is that weird? Oh, it’s a Misa Ono card this time!”

▲ “There’s a promotion between the Kyoto subway and the Kyoto City zoo featuring Moe and pals! If you buy an all-day subway pass and go to the zoo on the same day, you can get this poster free! Let’s go to the zoo everybody!”

▲ “The third “Let’s Ride the Subway” collaboration poster! This time for the National Manga Musuem. You can get a free poster apparently. It starts from the 18th!”

A fourth character, Sono Uzumasa (who is Moe’s cousin) has also been introduced for the purposes of promoting the subway to students of Kyoto’s universities:

▲ “Uzumasa cousins against a beautiful sunset! Wowwwww!”

▲ “Moe Uzumasa’s cousin, Sono Uzumasa has been appearing all over the place recently.”

▲ “Moe Uzumasa and Sono Uzumasa everywhere! EVERYWHERE! Oh thank you, thank you, so glad I live in Kyoto!”

What do you think of this promotional campaign, now you’ve seen what it looks like? Would it inspire you to use the subway on your next trip to Kyoto? Or do you think that moe girls clash with Kyoto’s traditional aesthetic? Let us know your thoughts!

Source: Naver Matome
Main Image: Twitter @_takadon