Like it or not, cats are pretty much in the fast lane to world domination. They’ve already invaded our homes, taken over the internet, and have even got us going to extreme lengths to give them the very best. Take this new, high-tech cat feeder for example, which not only weighs your cat and keeps track of how much they eat and drink, but, if you have multiple cats, can even recognize each one’s face and allows you to watch them eat in real-time from your phone.

The idea for Bistro, the ultra-smart cat feeder, came to founder Mu-Chi after one of his beloved cats, Momo, fell sick. Due to pancreatitis, she had stopped eating and drinking, but Mu-Chi failed to notice the change in her behavior until she was already severely dehydrated. While Momo survived, due to complications from the pancreatitis she ended up having her back legs amputated. This would be a heartbreaking ordeal for any pet parent to go through, but from the experience Mu-Chi came up with his brilliant idea in the hopes of preventing other cat owners from having to go through the same thing.

If, like Mu-Chi, you have multiple cats, Bistro uses facial recognition technology to recognize and record weight and eating habits for up to three of your feline children. After all, if Facebook can use facial recognition to tell us who to tag in photos, why not use the same technology to keep track of your cats? And if anything changes in your cat’s eating habits or weight, the Bistro app will alert you immediately, helping you to catch diseases or illnesses early on.


Bistro is able to monitor how much your cat eats or drinks through the weight sensors located underneath the food and water trays, and is able to check kitty’s weight each time he or she steps on the scale to feed. Best of all, with the built-in camera you can watch kitty eat in real-time from your phone, wherever you are.

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Just as for humans, obesity can have negative effects on your feline family members too. But Bistro can also help you manage their weight, allowing you to set the amount of food it dispenses and the frequency of feeding times. Putting Fluffy on a diet has never been easier!

▼I’s not fat, I’s fluffy!

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Whether you’re at work all day, or away on vacation, you no longer have to worry about whether or not your Highnesses are getting enough to eat or drink. Unfortunately for you dog owners, the facial recognition only works for cats, so we can’t really recommend this for you. This is a cats’ world after all.

Available for pre-order through 42ark

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