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Don’t be fooled by this tiny martial artist’s chubby little fists and small stature – she is almost certainly destined to be kicking ass as some kind of martial arts-themed crime fighter (maybe as, “The Taekwon-Do-Gooder”) years from now. We’re guessing she’ll probably get started with all the ass-kicking right around the age of seven.

We’re certain of all of this because we recently saw the girl – who is not named because it would interfere with her keeping a secret identity later on – absolutely destroy her martial arts school’s student creed, reciting it word-for-word in her adorable little gi and punching the air with her tiny fists with the conviction we’re only able to muster when the peanut butter jar is just slightly out of reach and we really want a sandwich.

What’s even more adorable to most of us, yet no doubt terrifying for would-be evil-doers, is the sort of Justice League-ishness of the creed, which includes striving to be the best, using common sense and developing oneself in a positive manner. We can’t remember, but there may also have been mention of truth, justice and the American way in there somewhere.

The routine also includes a sort of half-kata that looks pretty cool and Internet cat-meme levels of cuteness when our hardcore three-year-old practitioner puts her little tiny fists up next to her face. We just want to give her a little pat on the head… but we’re sort of afraid to get that close to her.

This video comes courtesy of Premier Martial Arts Leeds, a Leeds-area martial arts school that specializes in a school-specific type of  Taekwondo that incorporates kickboxing and Krav Maga. Their website says they offer courses for four to six-year-olds called Lil’ Dragons, but it appears they’ve made a special exception and taken this little girl on early. Perhaps because they knew she is the Chosen One.

Feature image: YouTube
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