Fans of the popular anime franchise Evangelion would probably get a pleasant surprise if they walked into this particular convenience store in Japan. Instead of putting up pictures of the actual products to advertise their new line of donuts, the creative store employees of this branch decided to take a cue from the popular anime and dress their window a little differently.

Twitter user misoka09 uploaded a few pictures of the Evangelion-style advertisements and soon garnered more than 10,000 retweets as amused netizens gushed over this clever trick.

[tweet https://twitter.com/misoka09/status/570125256993611779 align=center]

Anyone who has seen the Evangelion anime will recognize the familiar white font on the all-black background, which appears at the beginning of each episode and is also often used in trailers and advertisements for the series. For example, the official website for Evangelion current looks like this:


Amused netizens are as usual vocal about their excitement over the arrival of these 7-Eleven donuts, regardless of them having nothing to do with the hit anime:

“I love this kind of stuff…”

“I fell for it and bought one…”

“But it didn’t taste that good.”

Would you buy a donut if you saw this, or would you just think the store is trying to cash in on the success of an existing franchise?

Source: misoka09
Images: misoka09, Evangelion Official Website