When made properly, sushi rolls can be a pretty colorful and nicely designed food. There’s the white of the rice contrasting with the black/dark green of the seaweed, and then there are the colorful main ingredients, such as bright-orange ikura, green cucumber, yellow egg, and deep-red tuna. Maybe it’s this presentation that has drawn many companies to make products modeled after everyone’s favorite raw fish roll.

In the past year, a couple of brands have come out with incredibly cute and creative sushi roll towels. Unfolded, they look just like interestingly patterned towels, but bundled up, they turn into sushi rolls that look so delicious you’ll want to take a bite!

Last year, Japanese company Geodesign came out with these adorable hand towels called Norimaki Towels, named after the long, uncut, seaweed-wrapped, sushi rolls they are designed to resemble.

▼ Carrying these towels around will definitely make you more popular.


▼ These towels come in traditional Japanese norimaki flavors: Tuna, cucumber and natto (fermented soy beans).


▼ There is also a tamago-yaki variation, where the roll is wrapped in cooked egg, rather than seaweed.


▼ The gift set of three towels comes in this cute bamboo box. It makes them look even more realistic!


Recently, Tel Aviv-based design company OTOTO, known for their stylish and creative kitchen tools, have released their own version of sushi roll towels in the form of dish towels.

▼ The towels come with simple directions on how to fold them into sushi rolls, and they arrive in a case designed to make the sushi look like they’re sprinkled in sesame seeds. Cute!


As sushi rolls are more common and offered in a greater variety in Western countries (in Japan they tend to primarily eat nigiri style), it’s understandable that the OTOTO version would have a much wider selection of “flavors.”

▼ Flavors include salmon roll, tuna roll, crab roll and tamago roll.


Both the Japanese- and Western-style sushi roll towels are adorable and we want all of them. The hand towels would undoubtedly be great conversation starters and the dish towels would make post-dinner clean up so much more tolerable! Just be careful not to use them when you’re really hungry or you could find yourself with a mouthful of cotton!

Source/Images: Japaaan Magazine (1, 2)