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“Oh Japan.” It’s a phrase you hear pretty much anytime something boob-related is brought up. Like the breast exercise hand, the oppai mousepad, the iPhone boob-squeezer, and of course, straight-up virtual reality breast-groping.

But in all fairness, even though all those products are a little bizarre, at least they’re meant to be used in private. However the latest product released by Soft on Demand, adult video distributor and owner of a chain of adult shops in Japan, seems like it would only be used on strangers: it’s a clear plastic folder with a chart to estimate the breast size of a woman standing nearby you when viewed from the side.

Starting March 4, most Soft on Demand adult shops in Japan will be giving out this free clear folder with the purchase of a DVD:

▼ I swear I was just using it to hold some papers!


They advertise it as a way to estimate a woman’s bra size “without touching” and “without getting caught.”

▼ Because you have to do that all the time, right?


Of course using the clear file does come with some heavy requirements. You’re supposed to stand three meters (9.8ft) away to get the most “accurate measurement,” and the woman has to be facing completely to the side. Just a little closer or a little father away, or a slight turn to either side will mess everything up. Although we’re not entirely sure how accurate it is even under ideal conditions. As you can see from the picture above, picking the size seems a little arbitrary.

Soft Demand also warns potential breastimators that women might “be misrepresenting their size” by wearing certain clothing, and that they should “exercise the utmost discretion when using it, and understand that they take full responsibility for their actions.”

▼ Just like it says, you definitely need to be a full-on bra-phile to use this.


While we’re not sure there’s really any legitimate use of this thing besides holding your homework in the most embarrassing folder possible, it could be fun if used among (consenting) friends… or if a tailor/seamstress needs to measure a client without touching them… for some reason. Either way, let’s just hope that the thousands of hands these folders fall into use them for good and not evil.

Source: Twitter via NetLab
Images: Twitter