Remember a while back when we told you about the Malaysian girl with 229,000 Instagram followers, who uploads pictures of herself holding things? Well, it turns out that she has a sister who is just as cute, and since we know how much you all love pictures of cute girls (and guys!) we decided to introduce her to you! Join us after the jump to meet Min Chen’s sister, model Brandy Akiko!

Now, the more eagle-eyed of you will remember that we already knew Min Chen had a sister, but it turns out that the rest of the internet has only just caught up. And now, photos have surfaced showing Min Chen and Brandy Akiko posing together. Brandy, a Tokyo resident, has her own Facebook account with over 149,337 likes. She also has a blog, Brandy Beauty Blog, if that’s more your thing than Facebook.

▼ Can you see the family resemblance?

▼ Sisters who take selfies together, stay together!

▼ Someone get these girls a selfie stick, pronto!

▼ Brandy and Min Chen just love waffles! …Apparently.

▼ It turns out that beauty runs in the family, as the sisters also have a mother who’s totally beautiful, too.

▼ Brandy Akiko is currently a full-time model based in Tokyo.

▼ In 2007, she won the Miss Malaysia Trendy competition.

▼ And in 2006, she was 1st Runner Up in the Miss Malysia Oriental Pearl competition.

Unfortunately, Brandy doesn’t seem to have an Instagram account (yet), but we reckon she could totally give her sis a run for her money – look at her holding those dried flowers! She’s practically a pro at holding things!

Source: Stomp
Images: Stomp