The word otaku in Japanese isn’t just limited in use to fans of anime and manga. It can be used to refer to fans or enthusiasts of a number of things, and with the abundance of trains weaving throughout the country, it’s not surprising that Japan has a fair number of “tetsudou otaku,” or train enthusiasts. Within that group there are also “toritetsu,” who enjoy taking pictures of trains.

Recently, a video surfaced on YouTube which shows a Tokyo Metro train driver scolding one toritetsu for taking a flash photo of the train, and while most Japanese netizens seem to be in support of the driver, there are some of the opinion that the driver could’ve handled the situation differently.

What do you think?

The incident took place at Nagatachou Station along the Tokyo Metro Hanzoumon Line on January 31. By February 2, the video had been reported three times to the operator’s customer service center. Tokyo Metro then announced that they were looking into the incident, and that the driver in question had received a warning and additional training.

But was that all really necessary?

We see in the video the driver rush to the side door, pull down the window, and stick his head out to talk to the offending photographer:

Okyaku-san, furasshu yamete kuremasen ka?” (Customer, could you remain from using the flash?)

Sumimasen.” (Sorry.)

Sumimasen janee yo!” (Never mind ‘sorry’!)

The last thing the driver says before he slams the cab window shut is said using a rather rough form of speech, and carries connotations of “You should’ve known better in the first place!”

The person who uploaded the video (who wasn’t the person the driver was yelling at, according to the video description) titled the video “Driver’s rage!!!!”, and while it’s obvious the driver is unhappy, I think his reaction is well warranted, as does the majority of Japanese netizens:

“It’s possible that an accident could occur, and hundreds could be injured because of one toritestu. Anyone would get mad at that.”

“Of course he’d shout at them. They’re interfering with his work and putting people’s safety at risk.”

“What if an accident happened because he was blinded by the flash. Did they even think of that? Don’t be so irresponsible.”

“Didn’t they learn as a kid that if they do something they shouldn’t, they’ll get scolded?”

“The icons of the people [writing messages of complaint] about the driver in the comments section are all pictures of trains…”

“Of course he’d be upset. Is there really anyone in support of the train otaku? LOL”

While not completely in support of the toritetsu, there is one person who thinks the driver could’ve said something differently:

“He could’ve said something like, ‘That’s dangerous!’ or ‘Use some common sense!’ But if he says, ‘Never mind “sorry”!’ after they apologize, they’ll just think, ‘Well then what should I say?'”

At the risk of more repercussions, the driver could have added a few more choice words, but maybe the photographer in question should refrain from doing things they shouldn’t do in the first place!

Source: Hamusoku
Featured image: YouTube