Oh, to be a cat, and inhabit one of those fluffy, soft, ultra-bendy bodies. It’s well-known that cats are so flexible as to be basically a liquid with fur, and what this means is that they’ve got an uncanny knack of being able to relax comfortably in the most awkward of positions. Take Akimbo Kitty, the cat from these snaps, who couldn’t be happier to be sunken into that beanbag/chair thing. Just look at those jaunty toes!

When Twitter user Hibiki Haisai walked in to find her cat in this most comfortable of poses, she couldn’t stop herself from snapping a couple of pics and sharing them with her followers.

▲ “So I walked into the living room and found my cat in this weird pose.”

The tweet was then subsequently picked up by another site, where commenters shared their opinions on kitty’s pliant posing skills:

“Erm, I don’t think Kitty can get out…”

(As Kitty) “What, ya got a problem, meeeeow?”

“That’s just some lazy old fart in a cat suit!”

“Someone help that kitty!”

“It looks so pleased with itself in the second picture… haha!”

“Those little claws poking out of the toes are so cute…”

“Don’t just take pictures! Help the poor cat!”

▼ “Could I BE any more comfortable?”

Just check out Akimbo Kitty’s smug smile! Boy, does he/she look relaxed. How are you feeling, Rocketeers? A little stiff? Why not try getting yourselves into this pose to see if it does anything for you? After all, it’s working for kitty…

Source: Hamusoku
Images: Twitter @HibikiHaisai