On 18 February the Indonesian National Police issued a warning to citizens about some harmful matter which may be circulating amongst the public. The article in question is a child-sized cotton top which features images of two cartoon pandas engaging in numerous positions of sexual intercourse.

The warning came over the Indonesian National Police’s Facebook page run by the PR division.

According to a translation over on Coconuts Jakarta, the message asks anyone who may see clothing bearing these “indecent illustrations” being sold to go immediately to the authorities…presumably so that the purveyors of this panda porn may be punished.

Also noted by Coconuts was the 9GAG watermark on the image posted by the police. That combined with the cropping of the image make it hard to tell if this photo was even taken in Indonesia to begin with. Still, that’s no excuse for slacking when it comes to vigilance.

We’d like to lend our support to the Indonesian National Police in getting these awful clothes out of the hands of impressionable youngsters. It’s sending the wrong message that intercourse between pandas is a fun and carefree affair involving every move of the Kama Sutra rather than the incredibly frustrating drudgery of trying to get real pandas to mate. It could very well set animal conservation efforts back an entire generation.

Source: Facebook (Indonesian) via Coconuts Jakarta (English)