This week has been a busy one for the Internet. We suppose the Internet is always busy, but it seems like we’ve reached peak Internet wackiness what with all the rampaging llamas, baffling dresses, superpowered fishes, and Sesame Street parodying House of Cards. So, by now, you might be thinking that it’s time to give the Internet a break and maybe settle down with a good book.

But before you do, you might want to see the hilarious tweet that’s taken Twitter by storm in JapanUrine for a real treat!

[tweet https://twitter.com/40mame/status/571002679234682880 align=center]

The text in the tweet above reads: “I’ve come up with a business where, for 500 yen, people can get urine test cups filled with stuff that look like that, and then they can write their waifu‘s name on it. Drink up!”

Mmm! Who knew entrepreneurship could be so highbrow, or tasty?!

Of course, that message alone isn’t enough to really get people’s attention. It’s the accompanying illustration that really makes you realize just how awesome and/or disgusting people can be!


First, let’s look at the title. It gives us the name and an, um, inspired tagline.

“When You Want To Drink ALL Of Her In!
The Urine Test Cafe
One cup, 500 yen.”

In case you haven’t checked the exchange rate yet today, 500 yen is about US$4.81.


And here is our first offering from the mind of @40mame:

“Freshly squeezed apple juice
Tastes like fresh fruit juice. The juice of a sweet, cute girl.”

Drink it all down, big boy!


But maybe your “lover” is actually your first “true love?” Well, you’re in luck too!

“Honey lemon, the taste of first love
Gooey honey and the zest of lemon. It has the taste of her youth.”

Well, at least they’re keeping things classy, right?


And on the opposite end of the creepy spectrum, we have something for all of you with a more mature lady in mind.

“Black tea, the best fragrance
The aroma draws you in. The slightly darker color perfectly matches your older lover.”

Maybe she just needs to drink more water…


Next up is the “number one most popular” and the “staff recommended” urine cup drink. Get excite, pervs!

“Green tea with the warmth of human flesh
The green tea of a spectacular ‘real’ warmth! For those of you who want to snuggle up really close.”

Nothing says intimate like warm…tea.


And the final drink rounding out our menu is this little delightful cup of not-piss.

“Fill up with energy! A nutritious drink!
Fill your heart and body with energy with this special, nutritious drink straight from her.”

But, wait, how do we know it’s nutritious? Is she FDA-approved?

Okay, so maybe that wasn’t as fun as rampaging llamas or as controversial as the color of the dress (it’s obviously black and blue), but we hope this put a big ol’ grin on your face! Or a shiver down your spine.

Source/image: Twitter (@40mame)