When a Japanese Twitter user removed the covering from the top of her kotatsu (heated table) for cleaning, she discovered that she had disrupted the peaceful slumber of the thing that was lurking beneath…make that things, and cute things, in fact!

According to her profile, @pinomarinetiki4 is the proud owner of six furry felines. One day, she decided to wash the fluffy futon cover of her heated kotatsu table as any responsible homeowner should do occasionally. But when she went to strip the futon from the tabletop, she was met by a big surprise, in the form of five pairs of quizzical eyes as her kitties came scrambling out!

Here are the pictures in larger detail:





Japanese net users couldn’t get enough of the perplexed kitties stumbling around in confusion as if to say, “Why did you disturb our catnapping time!?” Here’s how some of them commented on the original post:

“Wild cat(s) appeared!”

“It reminds me of cleaning day at my house.”

“Everyone, take a look! This is clearly oppression! As the representative of cats everywhere, I would like to say something to all humans: We are firmly opposed to this ‘cleaning the kotatsu’ business!”

“Their faces are like, ‘Our world has been shattered!'”

“Mayday! Mayday! Enemy attack!”

“Their startled ‘What’s going on!?’ expressions are way too cute.”

“Why do you have them on leashes inside the house?” [The original author responded that her sixth cat is on bad terms with the others, and is usually separated from them. When this sixth one is free to wander around the house, she keeps the others tied up so they don’t get into fights.]

Nothing like a little cleaning to turn your world upside down!

Sources/Images: Nekomemo, Twitter (@pinomarinetiki4)