The world of eclectic fashion just got even more bizarre with its newest addition of the “rib blouse.”

Originally designed by Tetzco and fashioned into a three-dimensional, wearable piece of clothing by TRMN, the blouse is designed to mimic the bone structure of the human body, complete with ribs and vertebrae. Feel like wearing your ribs and spine like an exoskeleton? Then this could be the perfect new addition to your closet!

Last year, Japanese illustrator Tetzco (@tetzco) published a collection of illustrations titled 五臓六腑ノイローゼ, or “Internal Organ Neurosis.” The art book came about as a result of a question that Tetzco posed to himself: “What would happen if I combined human anatomy with fashion?” The resulting illustrations incorporated bones, muscles, internal organs, blood vessels, and other body parts into rather surreal-looking, yet strangely appealing outfits.

Japanese photographer TRMN (@yorotinnko) was in turn inspired by Tetzco’s original illustrations and decided to turn one of his concepts, the appropriately named “rib blouse,” into a reality. Her final product is perhaps too revealing to wear in public as functional clothing, but its combination of intricate, artistic details and impressive mimicry of human anatomy nonetheless creates a powerful visual impact.

Take a look at the evolution of the blouse as TRMN adapted Tetzco’s illustration from the page to the fashion design studio:

▼”Temporary design”

▼”This style is more elegant!”

▼”What do you think of this look?”

▼”The front is completed! I’m having so much fun.”

▼”The spine is also finished.”

▼[A tweet from Tetzco] “What DRMN made is AMAZING. She’s surpassed greatness.”

And here are pictures from the official photo shoot, which included model Heidi (@heidi_tk):

▼”A quick announcement! I ran out of materials so I couldn’t include all the bones…oh well, next time. Thanks, both of you.”

▼”The most charming butt of this century. I’m super satisfied.”

A final note–If you look closely, you can see that the model is even wearing a heart-shaped brooch.

What did you think of DRMN’s finished product? We have to admit, that use of bows for vertebrae was quite clever!

Source/Images: Kai-You
Top image: Twitter (@yorotinnko)