Surprise cameos by famous faces in completely unrelated TV shows or movies are always fun and get people talking. It’s even more fun when a famous face turns into an animated character.

Last Sunday, the magical schoolgirl anime, Go! Princess Precure, featured one of the fashion world’s most famous designers, Karl Lagerfeld. While the young girls tuning in to the show may not have caught on, the adults watching in the background found it cool and amusing.


Karl Lagerfeld doesn’t necessarily need his status as head designer and creative director of fashion houses Chanel, Fendi and his own label to make him known, he has his own style for that. The 81-year-old designer is not letting age get in the way of personal fashion, as he continues to sport his trademark long, white ponytail, sunglasses and high-necked collars. Oh, and then there’s his partner, his cat Choupette, whom he apparently wants to marry. Hey, at 81, you can dream whatever you want.

▼ That looks like love to us.


Speaking of dreams, enter Go! Princess Precurean anime dedicated to sticking with your dreams and fighting the evil forces that try to turn dreams into monsters. When not kicking malevolent sorceress Dyspear’s butt, the main characters, Haruka Haruno, Minami Kaido and Kirara Amanogawa pursue their own dreams. Kirara, a.k.a. Cure Twinkle, is a fashionista and wants nothing more in life than to be a top model. And this is where we come back to our buddy Karl.

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Karl Lagerfeld made his anime debut on Precure as a designer talking with Kirara at a modeling audition. Sure enough, the animated Karl had long, white hair pulled back in a ponytail, sunglasses, a high collar and, of course, carried a white cat.

▼ They got him down to the T.

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▼ Japanese people are loving Karl’s unique style and stoic attitude, especially since he’s old enough to be your grandpa.

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The artists for Precure aren’t the only people noticing Karl’s style, as he was one of the hot Halloween costumes this past year too.

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Adding Karl Lagerfeld into the fashion world of Precure was a nice touch that many fans (and parents of fans) caught on to and enjoyed. However, fans have also noticed a few other amusing things in the show–one of which relating to the voice actors.

The main character, Haru Haru, is voiced by voice actress Yu Shimamura, who also speaks for pilot Aida Surugan from Gundam Reconguista from G. Precure‘s main villain, Dyspear, is voiced by the accomplished Yoshiko Sakakibara, who is known for the voice of Haman Karn, from the third Gundam series, Mobile Suit Gundam ZZFans are getting a kick out of the Gundam girls fighting each other in this vastly different anime.

▼ On the left are the characters from Precure, Haru Haru (top) and Dyspear (bottom), on the right are their respective Gundam girls.

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Not that anime is often boring, but it’s always a nice change of pace and a surprise to have “guest appearances.” Now that Karl Lagerfeld has made his debut, we’re curious to see if they’ll introduce any other big names on the show! If you want to keep a look out, Go! Princess Precure is on at 8:30 AM on Asahi TV, so keep your eyes peeled!

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Images: Twitter (@trapezohedoron, @hiranokohta); Essential Homme