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Now you can eat the world and a deep-fried frog, too. If you love to sample strangely colored foods or fried critters, look no further than nature museum/activity center Orbi Yokohama where you can take a bite of their bizarre burgers.

Sega and the Sunshine Aquarium have teamed up to bring the Deadly Poison Exhibition to Yokohama, featuring 25 different poisonous animals from around the world. To commemorate the event, the cafe nearby at Orbi Yokohama has created a special menu featuring what they call “The Frog Burger.” If a deep-fried frog sandwiched between pitch-black buns sounds good to you, then fork over 1,000 yen (US$8.34) and start eating from the legs, which are peeking out in a mid-jump pose.

▼ Because nothing says “delicious” like chowing down on a frog after seeing a poisonous frog in real life.frog burger

Feeling a bit squeamish? If you need an even bigger challenge, why not dive into the “Frog Egg Sweet” dish featuring almond jelly and a jelly frog, only 580 yen ($4.83).

▼ The creators seem to have done a good job mimicking the consistency of real frog eggs!frong soup

The Orbi Yokohama cafe has a long history of serving up bizarre burgers. Here’s their Earth Burger, featuring a bright blue bun.


If you’d like to check out the Deadly Poison Exhibition, it will be held at Orbi Yokohama inside the Mark Is Minatomirai shopping center in Yokohama from March 21 to May 17 (admission to Orbi is 600 yen [US$5]). And don’t forget to hop on over to the cafe and get a taste of that Frog Burger! You should be fine; frog tastes like chicken, right?

Source: Entabe
Images: PR Times, Twitter (yukichin925gaogao_anna)