Because Japan loves its bizarre flavour combinations, Kikkoman’s range of “Tonyu Inryo” soy milk drinks has been expanded again this month, to include plum, peach and… ginger ale flavours.

When we brought you the news of this impending taste sensation back in January, we envisioned a future in which uncarbonated gingery soy milk would be jumping off conbini shelves into our grabby little hands. It turns out that the ginger ale-flavoured soy milk is being slightly elusive, and eager tastebud thrillseekers have been going crazy trying to get their hands on one of the little cartons.

The ginger-ale flavoured soy milk, rather than arriving with a huge fanfare, has instead begun to quietly pop up here and there among its brethren. Here are a few of the Twitter users who’ve managed to get their hands on a box.

▲ “Ginger ale soy milk! It’s hard to imagine the taste.”

▲ “Yesterday I tried the white peach flavour, and today it’s ginger ale!”

▲ “Drinking ginger ale soy milk while trembling in fear.”

▲ “Ginger ale… soymilk…”

▲ “Ginger ale soy milk. Tastes a little sharp like ginger ale, and it has ginger juice in it. Of course, it’s not carbonated but the sharpness gives it some of that carbonated taste. I like it personally, but I don’t think it’s going to sell very well.”

▲ “Ginger ale soy milk. It’s uncarbonated, so how does it taste like ginger ale? It doesn’t even taste milky even though it’s soy milk. Weird!”

These initial impressions haven’t exactly filled us with confidence when it comes to trying the gingery concoction ourselves. We may now possess the technology to make soy milk that tastes like ginger ale, but does that mean we should have done it? What flavour soy milk do you think Kikkoman should make next? (Personally, I’d vote for maple bacon soy milk!)

Source: Hachima Kikou
Main Image: Twitter @ringringtsx03