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If you were ever let loose on a self-service drinks machine as a child, you’ll know the peculiar delight that comes from mixing soft drinks together. Orange soda topped up with coke? Sure! A little bit of everything? Why not! It’s an experiment in taste and colour, as wide-eyed (and later stomach-achey) kids discover, just because you like all the individual components, doesn’t mean you’ll like the end result.

Japanese YouTuber Hajime has taken this sense of childish wonder to a new level – and on an adult budget, too. He bought every single drink on sale in his local convenience store, mixed them all together, and reviewed the taste. Because, well…why not!

There were 305 soft drinks available in Hajime’s local Lawson, and he bought everything: milk products, energy and “nutrition” drinks, juice, tea, and those weird drinkable jellies you get in pouches. The only beverage section he didn’t touch, in fact, was the alcoholic drinks – but even so, buying up the shop cost him a grand total of 56,365 yen (US$470.76).

▼ Here’s the receipt, “just in case you thought I stole them or something.” Although how anyone would steal 305 drinks is a mystery to us, anyway.

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 10.49.54 3All screenshots: YouTube/Hajimeshachō

Next, Hajime sets out making his special brew. Luckily, many of the items come with a straw attached, which he could use to add a few drops at a time to his kilner jar.

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 10.51.26

We can only imagine how long it took to put 305 drops of drinks into this jar, but suffice to say it was long enough that this section of the video is at 200x speed.

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Next up, there was nothing for it but to review the result! Hajime starts with the aroma:

It smells evil. The base note is like [carbonated drink] Oronamin C, then after that orange peel, peach, Ceylon or Darjeeling tea. Overall, though, it stinks.”

Throwing caution to the wind, he takes a sip, and pronounces:

“ALL the components come through. It’s like all the flavours are there in equal measure. It’s not bad. Well, it is bad. But it doesn’t make me wanna puke or anything.”

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Unfortunately, it looks like Hajime spoke too soon, as the grossness of the drink catches up with him in the end of the video. Watch it in full below!

And in case you missed it, here’s Hajime covering himself in mentos and leaping into a bathtub of Coke Zero. Because…well, why not!

Sources: YouTube/Hajimeshachō
All screenshots: YouTube/Hajimeshachō