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MMORPGs (massively multiplayer online role-playing games) immerse players in virtual worlds, places where thousands or millions are simultaneously engaged in forging new equipment, embarking on quests, or even just fooling around. Given the sheer number of users, players want to feel that their individual game experience is somehow unique. Character customization offers one such avenue.

While many games provide detailed character customization, allowing players to choose from any number of races and classes while also altering build and appearance to their liking, a new Korean MMORPG is blowing the whole system out of the water. With controls for everything from iris size to bone structure, the upcoming game Black Desert all but ensures that no two characters will ever look the same.

Developed by Korean company Pearl Abyss, Black Desert is set in a world divided into two kingdoms, Calpheon and Valencia. Both are vying for control of energy resources known as Black Stones, which are scattered throughout the desert separating the two kingdoms. Players wander the world forging their own path while laying siege to castles, getting into skirmishes, hiring NPCs, and trading.

The game is currently in beta testing, with a tentative western release date of 2016. Players will be able to choose between three races–humans, elves, and giants–as well as a number of classes, including warriors, rangers, valkyries, and archers. At this point, you might be thinking the game isn’t so different from any other MMORPG. After all, World of Warcraft offers several races, and Guild Wars 2 has a number of classes (or professions). What sets Black Desert apart? Take a look at this video on in-game character creation, and be amazed.

As you can see, Black Desert‘s level of character customization is truly a thing of beauty. For example, one screen in the video shows a character with clear segments laid over her face. Moving these segments lets you alter the contours of the character’s face depending on the location of the highlighted blue portion.

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Moving the cursor over the eyelids enlarges or reduces the opening of the eye, allowing you to achieve the permanently surprised expression shown below.

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In addition, tweaking other areas around the eyes, nose, and mouth can make your character appear sly, knowing, or even pouty (screens below taken from a separate video).

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As if that weren’t enough, a number of points around the character’s head control the style and volume of his or her hair, letting you finally perfect that teased look you’ve always wanted.

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Before Black Desert, you might have thought eye shape and color were about as creative as you could get. But no longer. Here even something as minute as iris shape reveals a staggering number of permutations. Green stars, blue stars, red rimmed with purple–it’s all possible. You can even go mismatched, in case you’re the type who pushes the envelope to the limit.

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You can also add bright spots to the character’s skin, which comes in a variety of tones.

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Particularly impressive is the option to include wrinkles in your character’s features. Apart from hinting at age, wrinkles bring another level of depth to these already very personalized faces.

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Here’s a look at some completed characters, including a member of the giant race (can you guess which?).

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In light of the staggering amount of customizable features, players are sure to spend hours tweaking their characters to achieve the perfect fit. Indeed, a look through the YouTube comments on the above video reveals that some would love to see the character creation as a stand-alone. 

Though the world will have to wait a while for the game’s release, the creators are clearly taking their time in order to deliver a polished product. In the meantime, people can take comfort in this in-game recreation of Benedict Cumberbatch.

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Images/Video: YouTube