The internet is full of awesome stuff, isn’t it? Cute cat videos, like-minded folks to chat with, and Mr. Sato of course. But the internet is also notorious for its dark underworld, where trolls, annoying memes, and fraudsters lurk. When it comes to online jerks, you’ll have trouble finding anyone who is more gleefully evil than the fake online seller.

Here’s the tale of a particularly duplicitous individual whose trickery regarding a Nintendo 3DS XL seemingly led to someone being duped out of 47,000 yen (almost US$400).

The seller listed what appears to be a Nintendo 3DS XL (Or LL as they prefer to call it in Japan), in a pretty blurry photo. The actual “title” of the item on auction item is “Mechanical pencil lead to the left of this Nintendo 3DS XL (Used)”.

What’s even more unbelievable is that the item actually sold for the asking price of 47,000 yen. In other words, someone paid 400 bucks for a bit of old pencil lead. We guess the scammer was banking on the fact that someone would bid on the item based on the image and key words alone, without reading the fine print.

When the auction was screencapped and tweeted, it prompted a barrage of responses, many of which condemn the seller – who is rather aptly named “unko-chan” or “poo-chan” – along with calling the buyer out for not paying more attention to begin with:

“Whoever fell for this trick has only themselves to blame.”

“What’s even worse is that a used Nintendo 3DS XL is in no way worth 47,000 yen. The buyer is doubly stupid.”

“The buyer is a complete idiot.”

“Wow, inflation is out of control!”

“Both the seller and the buyer are equally worthless human beings.”

“Two wrongs make a right?”

“Wait, how much does a Nintendo 3DS XL cost? Not this much!”

“Wow, people this stupid really exist…”

“This kind of scam happens often lately, huh.”

“People should stop doing this kind of thing, otherwise online selling is just going to get harder for everyone.”

“This was probably just a joke listing, to be fair, but someone fell for it.”

Wow, those commenters are ice-cold! We hope that the buyers were able to get their money back and that the mean seller gets at least a slap on the wrist for their cruel trickery. Hopefully this was just an image mocked up for entertainment’s sake and not a genuine case of some dim-witted shopper meeting with a crafty online seller, but either way let’s stay sharp while shopping online, folks.

Source: Hamusoku
Image: Twitter @Kazu_zc32sLove (edited by RocketNews24)