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A 27-year-old man from Osaka, Japan, has taken a bicycle manufacturer to court after a freak accident last year had him kissing concrete at high speed, resulting in eight chipped and broken teeth.

The accident occurred last June, when the unfortunate bike-rider was out for a spin on his Doppelganger brand bike, a folding mountain bike he had purchased online about seven months prior to the accident for the sum of 22,000 yen (US$184). As he was riding, the aluminum-alloy frame between the front and back wheels suddenly snapped in half, sending the unnamed man face-planting to the ground, causing damage to eight of his teeth

▼Hey, toothless smiles can still be cute, right?

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According to the Japanese Consumer Information Center, which is investigating the case, the accident was likely due to a defect, possibly a crack in the frame which happened during production. That would make sense, as bikes generally don’t tend to just break in half for no reason. While there is really no good time to be in an accident, this unfortunate even happened just three weeks before the man’s wedding, forcing him to postpone the big day. On the day of the ceremony he had to wear false teeth and makeup to conceal his injuries.

The man is suing the manufacturer, Be-s Co. Ltd, located in east Osaka, for approximately 11 million yen (almost $92,000) in damages. Be-s acknowledges that there was an issue with the product, but is contesting the amount of compensation, and while the company has since ceased sales of the mountain bike in question, it has not issued a recall.

Whatever comes of the trial, the man is at least lucky enough that the accident wasn’t worse than it was. And if any of you out there own one of these particular mountain bikes, you might want to invest in a football helmet…

▼Bones may be broken, but at least their teeth will remain intact

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Source: Mainichi Shimbun via Itai News
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