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Isn’t it a little weird that Batman spends so much time in a Batcave? After all, by night he may be fighting crime as the Caped Crusader, but deep down inside, he’s still multi-millionaire Bruce Wayne (ummm…spoiler for the unsuspecting citizens of Gotham who didn’t know that about their local captain of industry).

Wealthy enough to be used to the finer things in life, we imagine that at the very least, he wants more luxuriously appointed accommodations when he travels. Thankfully, the next time Wayne Enterprises has business to attend to in Taiwan, their dashing young CEO can have his assistant book him a night in this Batman hotel room.

Something clearly went awry in the naming process for the Eden Motel, as the first half’s promise of paradise doesn’t quite mesh with the second’s “Whoa, who said anything about shelling out for a hotel room?” mentality. Of the two incongruous words, though, “Eden” seems to be the more appropriate, as the hotel in the city of Kaohsiung looks to have far more stylish rooms than what most English-speakers would associate with the “motel” label.

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But while the guestroom above seems to have been decorated with “restrained elegance” as its keywords, the theme of Room 315 leans more towards “superhero awesomeness.”


Yes, that is indeed a Bat-bed and Bat-nightstand. Also, while looking out the windows likely gives you just a view of plain old Kaohsiung, the wall behind the Bat-headboard is decorated with a mural of Gotham City, complete with the Bat-Signal shining in the night sky.

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The Batman logo is everywhere, including on the mirrors. There’s also a collection of bat figurines in display cases at the approach to the bathroom, and just in case you still weren’t sure which comic book icon the room is drawing its inspiration from, there’s also a framed portrait of the Dark Knight himself, declaring “The city belongs to me.”

▼ Batman: winner of the 2015 Kaohsiung mayoral election?

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The room, listed at 6,600 Taiwan New Dollars (US $210) a night, also comes with a sofa shaped like a miniature version of the Tumbler, the tank-like Batmobile of the Christopher Nolan Batman movies.

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In those quiet bits of downtime when you’re not fighting crime, you can enjoy watching the flat screen TV mounted to perhaps the largest Batman logo, with yet another insignia just above it. And if for some strange reason doing a bunch of push-ups in an underground prison has still left you with lingering discomfort from a broken spine, you’ll be happy to know the room also includes a massage chair to relax in.

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While the Eden Motel isn’t a theme hotel per se, this isn’t its only unique room. For example, there’s also a Rose room…

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…and a…mad scientist princess room? We’re honestly not sure what’s supposed to be going on here.

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Conveniently, the hotel even has a prison room, in case your travelling companions would prefer to imagine themselves as incarcerated supervillains.

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If you’d rather play the hero, though, there’s always the Batman room.

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