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Action movie stars have often commented that performing fight scenes has more in common with dancing than actually trying to knock a dude out. So if live-action on-camera martial arts is all about rhythm, footwork, and cool poses, does that mean that anime’s bareknuckle fighters are also talented dancers?

That’s certainly the conclusion we’ve come to after watching these slick soda ads featuring the cast of Dragon Ball Z.

Out of the lengthy list of villains who’ve been punched into submission by protagonist Goku, many fans have a special place in their hearts for Frieza. Already recognized for as a management guru and sharp dresser, Frieza has now acquired yet another title: dancing fiend!

Accompanied by a team of background-dancing baddies, Frieza transforms into his more powerful form and struts to the beat, confidently pointing at unseen onlookers to both his left and right and nonchalantly firing off death rays like it aint even a thing.

“Everybody on the left…die painfully!”

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He closes out his routine with a high kick and the shouted declaration of, “It’s hot!” referring to either his amped up attitude or infectious dance moves. So what’s Frieza so fired up about? Blink and you’ll miss it, but this whole thing is actually an ad for Kirin Beverage’s Mets soda, specifically the grape-flavored version, which the commercial reminds us has no calories (and also contains no fruit juice).

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Given Frieza’s deep-rooted popularity, it’s no surprise that online commenters in Japan were happy to see him in rhythmical action.

“Don’t know what’s supposed to be going on here, but this is seriously cool.”
“Laughing my butt off.”
“Are they supposed to be a flash mob or something?”
“The more I watch it, the more the purple part on the top of Frieza’s head is looking like a grape.”
“Is there a Kakarot version too?”

In case you’re not fully versed in Dragon Ball lore, Kakarot is the birth name of Goku. And yes, the spiky-haired hero has his own ad too, endorsing Kirin Mets Orange.

▼ Just can’t stand not being the one in charge, can you, Vegeta?

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You’d think all that carbonation wouldn’t sit well in their stomachs as Goku and company throw a series of coordinated punches and kicks. Being some of the strongest beings in the galaxy, though, they seem to cope just fine.

▼ Unless this isn’t a scene of everyone going super-mode, but just a visual representation of the pain of stomach cramps.

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Both ads end with a notice that Mets purchasers are eligible to win Quo Cards, a sort of prepaid card/gift certificate redeemable at a variety of retailers, restaurants, and hotels in Japan, that come in special Dragon Ball cases. Frieza’s impeccable sense of rhythm, on the other hand, is probably something you have to be born with.

Source: Golden Times
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