Hina Matsuri, aka Girls’ Day or Doll’s Day, is a festival celebrated every March 3 in Japan. Families with girl children get together to eat special food, and elaborately dressed dolls are displayed on a special tiered platform known as a hina-dan.

But it’s not only kids and collectors who love dolls – cats can’t get enough of them, either! Even though the cats have only just had their own special day (Cats’ Day, or Nyan Nyan Nyan day, was on February 22), those fancy felines were muscling in on some of the Girls’ Day action by inserting themselves into the hina-dan displays.

Our Twitter feeds were almost completely taken over by a variety of moggies posing proudly on their own hina-dans. It kind of makes sense – if the humans are focusing on something other than the cat, the cat will just have to find a way to make sure they’re centre stage!


▲ This kitty’s bagged a prime place on the top tier! Actually, it looks like the doll that was supposed to be there has mysteriously vanished somehow…


▲ This ginger cat ponders the meaning of the tiny human figures that have taken over its home.


▲ This kitty looks a little scared…

▲ This white cat meows her approval of the nice backdrop for her photograph.


▲ What a fluffy moggy! Who needs dolls when you could be brushing his fur all day?


▲ Who’s betting these two brought the entire stage crashing down moments after this picture was taken?

▲ Uh-oh, this kitty seems to have drunk too much special festival sake!

▲ This kimono looks like a comfy place to have a nap.


▲ “What’s with the tiny people, and where’s my dinner?”


▲ Perfect posing from this kitty!


▲ This kitty looks a tad perplexed.

▲ Double-dating?


▲ “Well, he’s a little on the stiff side, but I think we’ll be buds.”

▲ “What’s the meaning of all this, human?”


▲ “Oh, tiny human friend! Please tell me you have snacks!”

These pictures just go to show that all of life’s celebrations can only be improved with the addition of cats!

Source: Naver Matome
Image: Twitter @basilisab