Painting your own nails can be a stressful affair fraught with frustration – nail polish is actually a pretty difficult medium to work with, and a steady hand is required to end up with finished nails that don’t resemble those of a two-year-old who spent the afternoon finger painting. This new “water marble” technique promises to help even sausage-fingered ladies achieve gorgeous nails simply by dipping their digits into a bowl of water and nail polish.

But does this supposed nail hack even work?

Okay, so “business nail” may have been something that we made up as a joke, and guys may not always like our nail art, but we girls keep on doing it anyway because maybe WE like it. Here in Japan it’s common to see women with gorgeously-done nails that are a result of gel technology. Gel is painted on with tiny paintbrushes then set under UV light. The results look amazing and last for a month, but it tends to be pretty pricey.

▼ Marble nails done professionally at a Japanese gel salon.

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Luckily, there are a number of budget options out there, from nail wraps to press-on fake nails in a variety of pretty colours and patterns. The only trouble is that your level of success with DIY nails is pretty much equal to your level of artistic ability in general. So, can this seemingly idiot-proof nail painting method really help anyone to achieve beautiful nails? First, let’s check out this video by She.com demonstrating how to do the “water marble nail” at home.

You can’t deny that this video is pretty hypnotic. Just look at all those swirling colours. And they way they just gloop onto the nail like that is unbelievable!

It looks deceptively simple, in fact, so we turned to Twitter to see whether anyone has been able to pull off the “water marble nail” method at home.

Some people made a pretty good job of it…




While others, um, didn’t quite, um, “nail it”…




While everyone should feel free to experiment with their nails any way they want, I kinda feel like plain old, boring unpolished nails are better than a sticky DIY job gone bad. What do you think of this technique, and nail art in general?

Source: She.com via Facebook
Main Image: Twitter @rosja_ja