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It’s a fact of life that copyright laws just aren’t as strictly enforced in many other parts of Asia as they are in Japan. So when photos started making the online rounds showing a resort in the Philippines with a statue of anime robot Gundam that’s as huge as it is fake, we responded with a laugh and a shrug of our shoulders.

But maybe having their clear case of intellectual property infringement become laughed at online made the management of Jed’s Island Resort rethink their decision. Recent photos show that the statue has been repainted, and its new color scheme doesn’t look like Gundam’s at all. So, is it an original design?

Of course not! They just found a different famous robot to copy.

To review here’s what the statue, which stands on the resort’s property in Calumpit, looked like when last we checked up on it.

▼ How big is the toilet bulimic mobile suits throw up into?

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While the proportions are more than a little off, the coloring is an exact match for that of the original RX-78-2 Gundam from the 1979 TV series that started the entire Gundam franchise.

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The official, 1:1 scale Gundam statue in Tokyo’s Odaiba neighborhood has become a popular sightseeing destination. Perhaps inspired by this, the underclassman of Twitter user Tiny Key, during a trip to the Philippines, decided to swing by and see the Jed’s Gundam for himself. When he got to the resort, however, what greeted him were not the gangly pure white limbs of the malnourished Gundam, but this:

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Honestly, this is about the biggest backpedal you could ask for. After all, it’s not like they’re going to tear down the statue after going to all the trouble of putting it up, right? Bearing that in mind, recoloring just about every single part seems to be the most comprehensive option left for Jed’s in trying to make amends.

▼ Although, oddly, the crimson and gold J-marked crotch remains completely unchanged.

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But you know something? Even if the statue doesn’t look like Gundam anymore, we can’t help feeling like we’ve seen that combination of hues somewhere before. Hmmm…

Ah hah!

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It may not be as blatant as it was with Gundam, but there’s a very strong resemblance to The Transformers’ heroic Optimus Prime, especially when looking at their heads.

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All of this raises two questions. First, did Jed’s Island Resort make the switch because of a guilty conscience, or simply the logic that with its live-action films becoming international blockbusters, Transformers is the hotter franchise to ride the coattails of? And second, is it safer to have Gundam or Optimus Prime angry at you?

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