The weekend is still a few days away, so to lighten your mood, today we’re bringing you some unrelated, yet feel-good images. While these aren’t quite as newsworthy as the face of Jesus appearing on a slice of burnt toast or “there is no god” spelled out in watermelon seeds, these musical notes spotted in the unlikeliest of places are still delightfully simple and sure to put a smile on your face.

Even if you’re not a musician, chances are you’ve come across these shapes and symbols somewhere down the road. Just in case you need a refresher, let’s review some of the more common symbols.

music notes

Now that you are all music-reading experts, try to find the hidden (or blatantly obvious) notes in these photos.

▼ The shadow of a street sign on a telephone pole made a quaver.


▼ Which do you see first, a sea of flamingos or pink quarter notes?

▼ This lady found an eighth note on her son’s head!

▼ Wow! From above, these skiers and their shadows look like musical notes on a staff.

▼ More shadows making music!

▼ A bit of stretch, but this music enthusiast woke up to a power cord mimicking beamed eighth notes. Not the worst way to wake up.

▼ The slight distortion from the glass makes those pipes-turned-beamed 16th notes even cooler!

▼ This is quite the catch! Music notes can be made of anything, even burned pieces of food on your plate.

▼ This is so perfect you’d think it was Photoshopped! Just leave it to the clumsy younger sister to spill water in a perfect eighth note shape!

▼ This beamed eighth note pair may not be as perfectly shaped, but it’s just as sweet (it’s made of honey).

▼ Even eraser particles can make music!

▼ We even have music in our bodies. This neutrophil (a kind of white blood cell) knows the beat!

▼ This is proof that even dirt and grime can be beautiful… well, at least kind of resemble an eighth note.

▼This one’s a bit hard to see, but if you really try, you can see a flagged eighth note in this ceiling’s water stain.

▼ A cat-made quarter note?! A cat-er note? Even if you don’t see the musical note, you can’t argue that this is not adorable.

▼ Do you think this horse is a good singer?

▼ Um… we can’t really see the musical notes in this photo, can you?

▼ This gives new meaning to “keeping time with the music.”

▼ More musical clouds.

▼ We can kind of see the note in there… kind of.

▼ This company’s symbol looks like a slightly distorted quarter rest.

▼ Is this the formula to the perfect song? Can you find the symbols that look like the quarter rest? There are a few in there.

▼ Someone has to work on their kanji. “This could be seen as either a quarter rest symbol, or the start of a poop drawing.”

▼ We can see a lot of shapes in this image, but quarter rest was not the first thing we saw. (We saw a squirrel at first.)

▼ This tangled up hair band was “coincidentally” shaped into a treble clef. That’s amazing, if true.

▼ That treble clef fits right in among the power line staff!

▼ Was that treble clef in the upper-right corner done on purpose?

▼ Loose threads aren’t so pesky if they make cool shapes, like treble clefs.

▼More musical threads!

▼This is surprisingly common… You should probably check your own clothes for musical symbols too.

Hopefully these photos brightened your day just a little bit. Look around carefully and maybe you’ll find some music in your life. If not, just go to your nearest karaoke place and sing your frustrations out!

Sources: (Twitter, Twitpic, Instagram) via Naver Matome
Images: (Top) Instagram (@toshi_nagai), Twitpic (@_Yuki39), Musical note chart: RocketNews24 via Wikimedia Commons: marnanel, Sherbytedavidkennedy85, Dustycomputer, Lucash