We’ve spoken many times about the insanely good customer service here in Japan. The latest example comes to us from the branch of  Toho Cinemas in Umeda, Osaka. If you visit their webpage right now, you are immediately greeted with an urgent message and fervent apology from the management regarding a terrible mistake: Some customers were given the wrong soda!

According to the message, from 11 a.m. in the morning on February 15th, customers ordering Coke Zero from the concession stand were accidentally given regular Coke. The message goes on to apologize profusely for the mix up and promise that “strict control of concession sales will be carried out going forward.” Customers who may have mistakenly consumed regular Coke are encouraged to tell the staff on their next visit or call the customer service line.

There is no mention of what reparations will be made for this grave injustice.

Even Japanese netizens thought the response seemed a little overblown for the crime.

“Toho Cinemas made me fat! Reparations!”
“What are they going to do if you notify them, make you exercise to burn the Coke calories?”
I drank 10 of them. I demand popcorn as apology and compensation!”
“The sweetness of Zero and regular Coke is different. Didn’t the people drinking notice?”

Oh, and in case you were wondering, Coke Zero works just as well as Diet for any Mentos-related activities.

Source: Hamster Sokuhou
Image: Funny Junk

Video: Hajime