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Natto is an acquired taste. I mean this literally – people who have eaten the sticky, kind of stinky, fermented soybeans from childhood are more likely to enjoy it than those who first encounter it as adults. But it’s also what people euphemistically call “an acquired taste”, which is to say, a lot of people think it’s gross.

These adorable puppies don’t seem to mind the stink though, as they lick their bowl clean, wolfing down Japan’s most famously unpopular food. Yum!

Natto is actually a common ingredient in Japanese dog food – those probiotics in the fermented beans are good for dogs, too – although we doubt many owners give their pets pure natto like this!

This little slice of kawaii is brought to you by the long-time Shiba-bloggers at site San-in Shiba Inu. Watch the full video below:

▼ Just look at that string of sticky goop on his nose. Naww.

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▼ Can YOU lick the natto plate clean like this?

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So remember, the next time you’re struggling to finish a bowl or natto prepared for you by someone who meant well but doesn’t understand how it makes your stomach churn, think of the puppies and remember how big and strong they – and indeed you – will be by finishing it all up.

Source and screenshots: YouTube/471687
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