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Japan’s numerous cat cafes are proof positive of the appeal of combing a bite to eat and feline companionship. But no matter how cute those kitties may be, you don’t actually want one walking all over your food, do you?

So instead, this clever kitchen tool will add an adorable pawprint to your meal even as your cat’s feet stay firmly on the floor.

A number of cat-paw-shaped kitchen brands are available in Japan, with the one seen here available from the Japanese divisions of online retailers Rakuten and Amazon. Currently, it’s a little cheaper from the former, who’s now charging 2,036 yen (US $17.10) for it.

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The right-angle curve to the handle allows you to place the tip directly into an open flame. Once the metal takes on a reddish hue, the brand is ready to be used.

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If properly heated, you should be able to leave a clear mark on bread, pancakes, or omelets with just a light touch. While the desire to see the cat-themed cuteness as soon as possible is understandable, it’s important not to rush the heating process, as if the brand’s temperature is too low not only will the mark be poorly defined, you’ll also get some of the food sticking to the metal.

With patience and care, though, you should be able to produce results similar to these by Japanese blogger Ayaka1130, who doesn’t specify which particular brand of brand she used.

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If you’re keen to try your hand at adding some paws to your food, both Rakuten and Amazon are currently taking orders, here and here, respectively. Follow your meal with some cat-paw sweets, then sleep off your food coma with a cat nap for a triple helping of the feline-fortified good life.

Update: As pointed out by loyal reader Susan Goodfellow, the brand is also available on Rakuten’s English website here, with shipping to the U.S. supported. Thanks, Susan!

Source: Twitter via Jin
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