With the upcoming Disney animated short Frozen Fever set to debut in theatres on March 13, you might be in need of a recap of the original film, so check out this two-and-a-half-minute video of Frozen as told through emoji.


Emoji (絵文字  “e-mo-ji“) is the Japanese word for emoticons, smileys, stamps, or whatever else you cool kids are calling them these days. An online conversation would look bleak and cold without a peppering of (now ethnically-diverse) smileys to bring in the sunshine, and there’s so many available these days that you can have entire conversations is pictorial form.

So what better way to tell a story to this generation’s smartphone-savvy kids?

The vid below tells the story of Disney’s hit animated movie Frozen through an animated LINE (Japanese instant messaging app) style conversation with little round emoji to represent the characters. It’s cute and creative and might just manage to hold your attention for its entire duration.

And if you still have some tolerance for things Frozen related, check out the Frozen Fever trailer. Will you be sitting through Cinderella to catch this animated short in the cinema?

Source: YouTube via Facebook
Images: YouTube