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Outdoor barbecues are the epitome of summer fun. But if you live in Japan, you’re sure to be drenched in sweat after ten minutes in the hot, humid weather. Luckily, Nissan created a solution to the hassle and heat of the typical cookout: the Ultimate Smart BBQ vehicle. The all-electric compact car includes everything you’ll need for a summer barbecue, including the grill and high-tech mosquito repellant, and comes with some things you might not necessarily need, like a “flying selfie camera.”

“With this electric vehicle, you can always enjoy a BBQ that goes far beyond your expectations,” commented Osamu Suzuki, editor-in-chief of the Nissan Social Project. Intrigued? Check out this crazy car after the jump!

The video outlining the major functions of the Ultimate Smart BBQ Vehicle almost seems like a joke; the overly enthusiastic announcer proclaims the car to have “everything you need in an effortless, waste-efficient, electric-powered unit.”

▼ That’s a whole lot of hype for a barbecue on four wheels.

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The video goes on to detail the different functions that make this barbecue car so special:

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The electric car is capable of powering appliances, including the attached electric grill, perfect for an outdoor barbecue.

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The car is also capable of repelling mosquitos. The big-voiced announcer proclaims it’s able to “drive off mosquitos with ultra-sonic waves and insect repellant aromas.”

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Hot damn! A refreshing mist shower?! Yup, it’s got that too. And also a…

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This is where we started to doubt the authenticity of the presentation. According to the video, the electric barbecue car comes with a “flying selphie camera” AKA a drone to take aerial photos.Could this all be just a cruel parody, teasing us with dreams of mobile grilled meat?

▼ Because who doesn’t want to take “the selfie of your dreams.”

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It also comes with a smartphone-linked display, allowing you and your buddies to sync your phone to the car’s window, which acts as a screen.

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With a screen and access to electricity, what’s stopping you from throwing a karaoke party?

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And last but not least, the smart barbecue car is equipped with a “powerful small disposer” to take care of your trash that promises to deliver “no mess, no worries, with the cleanest outdoor barbecue around.”

Convinced this is a real product? Take a look at the video before you decide:

As it turns out, the Ultimate Smart BBQ Vehicle is real…but you won’t be able to buy it just yet. Nissan and the Japan Barbecue Association created it as a concept car and the project is is currently being funded at Green Funding Lab, a Japanese crowdfunding site. As of this writing, 17 people have contributed a total of 210,000 yen (US$1,754) to the campaign, which has a goal of raising one million yen ($8,355).

Would you buy one of these two-seater barbecue vehicles? Or is the old-fashioned tradition of stuffing everything in the back of your car, trash and dirty grill included, good enough for you?

Source: AOL News Japan
Images: YouTube (Nissan Newsroom)