It sometimes seems like every cereal box, candy bar, or soft drink is promising some fabulous reward to a few lucky people. “Find the specially marked label and win a million dollars!” “Look under the cap to win a lifetime supply of our product!” With so many contests going on at once, you might even begin to ask yourself, “Does anyone actually win these things?”

Fortunately, one recent promotion from Pringles seems to be the real deal. From now until June 30, Pringles Japan is offering a specially designed speaker that attaches to the inside of an empty can of their chips. How to obtain this worthy prize? Just collect 10 marked lids!

The lids in question can be found in containers with a speaker image on the front, and bear the message “ハンパないうまさ!” (“Amazing/unreal flavor!”). Whether you choose to go out and buy 10 tubes of Pringles all at once or slowly build up your collection, you need only gather the appropriate number of lids and send them off by mail to secure your prize. Having done so, you can expect to receive the speaker in one or two months from the date of entry.

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The speaker itself measures 8cm by 6cm and runs on four single-cell batteries. It is also compatible with smartphones and cell phones, allowing you to set up an on-the-spot music station after enjoying your can of chips.

Pringles has implemented the same marketing strategy in other countries besides Japan, as seen in this ad from Pringles Australia.

Though we’re not sure if people will actually be tempted to whip out the Pringles speaker in a party situation, the speaker does, at least, seem to be more powerful than other… homemade alternatives.

That being said, reactions from Japanese netizens ranged from mildly enthusiastic to dismissive.

“I might want this–just a little.”

“I can’t even eat 10 cans of this stuff.”

“I’ll just buy 10 of the little cans.”

“I might be interested if it were a megaphone.”

Many seemed to prefer a different chips brand altogether.

“If I’m going to buy chips it’s Chip Star.”

“Too bad–I’m more of a Chip Star guy myself.”

The last two are referring to Yamazaki-Nabisco’s popular brand of chips, which are often found lining the shelves of Japanese convenience stores.

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In perhaps the most unexpected rebuttal, one netizen commented:

“I don’t buy Pringles. The top is plastic, the container is cardboard, and the bottom is steel… makes recycling a pain.”

He’s got a point, you know. Given Japan’s relative strictness regarding proper separation of recyclable articles into their respective bins, one can certainly see why Pringles might be something of a hassle. Even so, this promotional speaker seems like a nice incentive for people who already go through one or more cans of Pringles a week. And unlike many other campaigns, this one might actually deliver on its promise.

Entry Details

Insert the 10 lids into either a special promotional or generic envelope and fill out the following information:

Name (furigana)
Postal code
Address (furigana)
Telephone number
How did you hear about the promotion?

Then head to your local post office and mail the envelope to the following address:

日本郵便株式会社 豊明郵便局留
プリングルズ『絶対もらえる!!』スピーカーキャンペーン 事務局 行

Sources: [Gogotsu] via Golden Times
Images/Video: Golden Times, Yamazaki-Nabisco homepage, YouTube