Recently, all of Japan was very excited because Prince William made his first-ever visit. But back home in ol’ Blighty, the Royals had to deal with the aftermath of an embarrassing little security snafu at Windsor Castle that happened on February 12.

It seems that a Japanese tourist inadvertently wandered into some off-limits areas during a visit to the castle – namely, the Queen’s own private rooms. Her Maj wasn’t home at the time of the intrusion, but the incident still prompted a wave of panic over the sightseeing interloper.

Armed police swooped in on the unarmed (except for possibly a camera and some sensible walking shoes) Japanese tourist when he accidentally went through an alarmed door to a restricted area. Reports state that the Japanese tourist entered an area used by servants and staff that connects directly to private apartments maintained for the use of the Queen when she is staying at the castle. Following investigation into the incident, it is believed that the door was left unlocked by accident.

The unfortunate tourist was then subjected to a full search and an interrogation before being released a short while later after security staff deemed him “not a threat”. Since the official terror alert level for the UK is currently set at severe (meaning an attack is considered ‘highly likely’), the incident left those involved with red faces and led to extra pat-downs of other tourists to compensate for the blunder.

▼ “Whoops!”

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This isn’t the first time a commoner has gained access to the Queen’s Royal chambers – in 2011, a lorry driver managed to scale the castle walls and was apprehended by security less than 20 metres from the Queen’s apartments. And who could forget the Michael Fagan incident of 1982, when a man broke into the castle in the dead of night and actually woke up Her Maj while she was sleeping.

Japanese netizens were quick to weigh in on the embarrassing incident, with many blaming their own countryman:

“Japan’s tourists, too, are idiots it seems.”

“Don’t go all the way to England just to make a fool of yourself.”

“I’m glad it was just a Japanese idiot and not a terrorist.”

“We Japanese are the country of ninja, so there’s not a castle built we can’t sneak into.”

“This is why Japanese people need tour guides when they leave their homeland.”

“I learned two things… 1), Japanese people are bumbling idiots, and 2) UK security isn’t as good as you might think…”

“Please forgive him, it was his ninja ancestry!”

“It’s unforgivable to sneak into a lady’s chambers.”

“At least lock the door, sheesh!”

“How do we know it wasn’t a Japanese spy?”

“When I was there they had Japanese on all the tourist signs and warnings. I guess he ignored them.”

“This guy shouldn’t be allowed to travel abroad!”

What do you think of this incident? It sure gives a whole new meaning to the saying: “I’m off to England to see the Queen”…

Source: Daily Mail via Yurukuyaru
Main Image: Wikimedia Commons  © Immanuel Giel