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His hair is a shock of red flame. His face is hidden behind a black-and-white wrestling mask. The mystery drummer, godly skills at his command. Final Fantasy. Romancing SaGa. Dragon Quest. He plays them all. Who is he?

Why, he’s drum virtuoso and YouTube regular, dainashi! Since his first video almost a year ago, the masked drummer has set jaws dropping with his incredible renditions of popular video game background music. We take a look at some of his uploads.

Dainashi’s YouTube channel provides no information regarding his past. What inspired him to begin arranging background music? Was he chosen by some higher power? The world will never know. However, this aura of mystery might only add to the appeal–not that people will need much convincing. Dainashi plays with a frantic energy that makes us want to relive our favorite games all over again.

At this point, Dainashi has graced the world with drum covers of Those Who Fight Further from Final Fantasy VII, a Nintendo medley, and a Chrono Trigger medley among several others. Between lightning-fast riffs he sometimes finds the time to fix viewers with a knowing stare that seems to search our very souls.

▼ dainashi calling down the lightning

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He also occasionally includes (presumably) self-made animations, as in this shot of cartoon-dainashi swooping down on Fox’s Arwing.

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Dainashi’s most recent upload is a Nintendo medley featuring the trademark tunes of everything from Kirby Super Star to Mother. The transition around 7:07 might just tell you everything you need to know about him. Having set our computer screens ablaze with his cover of the battle theme from Pokemon Black/White 2, he turns to the camera as though saying, “You like that? Well how about some…”

▼ Tambourine!

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Judging from his videos’ views, as well as his personal Twitter feed, dainashi seems to be getting a lot of love for his covers–so much so that one fan might already be envisioning a path of greatness for his little boy. Another legends begins…

▼ “My lovely son–the dainashi way.”

Source: Kotaku Japan
Images/Video: YouTube