We’ve talked a lot before about how Yo-kai Watch has overtaken Pokémon as the phenomenally popular kids’ franchise of choice, and a lot of it is down to its loveable orange ghost-kitty mascot, Jibanyan. With the people behind Yo-kai Watch gearing up to bring the insanely popular series to the West (and believe us, there will be no escape), Jibanyan’s starting to get even busier lately.

Recently, he met up with the governor of Hawaii for a promotional campaign to get Japanese kids excited about having a holiday in Hawaii (as if that wasn’t exciting enough!). But we suspect that Jeeby’s trying to get in with the right people in order to satisfy his plans for complete global domination!

As the newly appointed Kids’ Ambassador for Tourism to Hawaii, Jibanyan’s first duty was a meet and greet with Hawaiian governor David Ige, who, like many Hawaiians, is himself of Japanese descent. Mr. Ige is reported to have said of their meeting: “I am very happy to have Jibanyan, who is so popular with the children of Japan, perform promotional duties for tourism to Hawaii. It is my hope that through Jibanyan they will come to learn about Hawaii and, hopefully, visit Hawaii themselves some day.”

▼ Mr. Ige is either making the sign for “I love you” to Jibanyan, inviting him to a rock concert, or asking him to call him once he has a gap in his busy, busy schedule.

The “Aloha! Yo-kai Watch Paradise Hawaii de Geragerapoh!” Hawaii tourism promotional campaign, in collaboration with Level 5 (the game company responsible for the creation of Yo-kai Watch) is set to run for two years from March, 2015. There’s also a website full of lots of Yo-kai goodness.

▼ Jibanyan: “Geragerapohhhh!”
Mr. Ige: “…”

Personally, we think the Hawaiians can count themselves lucky. Not only do they have the most famous cat in Japan promoting them, they also get to be in on the ground floor when Yo-kai Watch makes its debut in the United States and the rest of the world. It might be time for us all to welcome our new Yo-kai overlords before the new regime gets under way.

Source: NariNari
Images: NariNari